The Payoff

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend who was feeling quite desperate to see a particular area in her life change. She was at a place in her emotional life that she did not want to be…yet she continually found herself there. More importantly, she knew that the place she continually found herself…

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Nehemiah: A Leader ready for Conflict.

Today in a meeting, I turned my head quickly to speak to the person sitting beside me, and I got a quick sharp pain in my neck. Those little moments remind me of how much I fail to appreciate that all the members of my body work properly each day. Many of us have had…

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Make Jesus Famous

I am often asked, “Why did you choose the phrase ‘MAKE JESUS FAMOUS’, isn’t He already famous?” Well, without trying to sound religious and state “Because God told me so”, I can say of certainty that I believe the mandate God has given to Believers Church is to Make Jesus Famous. Making Jesus Famous is…

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