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B-GROUPS MEETING THIS EVENING @ 7:00 p.m.   Looking forward to another great week of discipleship in our B-Groups.  Testimonies of God’s grace and the power of community keep coming forth.  If you’re not in a B-Group call the office and we can get you plugged in! Pastor Mark’s Birthday Happy 49th Birthday!!! OWN THE CORNER…

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Why I Believe In Small Groups

I can honestly say I never espoused doing small groups as part of what I knew to be Christianity. Actually, not only did I not see the necessity of small groups, I feared them. I did not fear them for a lack of understanding. I feared them because of the devastation I experienced. I had…

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Did you know that on the average day over 6,000 cars pass the church property on the corner of POPE and BOMAR.  The best part about this?  It’s not a simple drive by.  Stationed strategically at our church property is a 4 Way Stop.  That means, every day, regardless of rain or shine, an average…

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The Devil as God!

The DEVIL as GOD! I would like to appeal to a notion that most Christians have backwards. The devil, Lucifer, is not trying to be a bad guy, he is attempting to set himself up as God. Not “a god” but “the God”. His whole premise is to move himself into the position of God…

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Mindsets That Hinder Growth

Through the years I have encountered a myriad of reasons why pastors, as well as sheep, get frustrated with their churches. If I compiled a list, I’m almost certain it would make a grandiose novel of sorts. I have heard every reason and excuse given as to why churches GROW, or SHRINK, or CLOSE UP…

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Don’t GIVE UP, just JUMP

Sometimes you just got to jump!  Sitting seems to be practical.  Dormant seems logical.  Giving up?  Giving up seems to be the alternative that is most acceptable.  It’s easy to toss the towel when you have spent your last bit of energy believing and striving to find rescue and resuscitation.  Prayers fall short.  Believing no…

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I’m Just A Fool

I’m not sure about you, but often I have wondered just how crazy am I? I have spent most of my life swimming upstream, which simply means I have made decisions that don’t always win the popular vote! I was saved at 7, and by 15 I totally abandoned myself to His plan for my…

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The Payoff

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend who was feeling quite desperate to see a particular area in her life change. She was at a place in her emotional life that she did not want to be…yet she continually found herself there. More importantly, she knew that the place she continually found herself…

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Nehemiah: A Leader ready for Conflict.

Today in a meeting, I turned my head quickly to speak to the person sitting beside me, and I got a quick sharp pain in my neck. Those little moments remind me of how much I fail to appreciate that all the members of my body work properly each day. Many of us have had…

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