Our Discipleship Community – BGroups.

The command of Jesus is for us to make disciples. Our BGroups are specifically designed to build strong disciples of Jesus and help you defend and define the faith. To accomplish such we provide three specific types of BGroups to (1) help you be discipled and grow in faith, (2) help you overcome and conquer in a specific area, and (3) help us promote the mission of leading others to encounter Jesus. (See Below) Get involved today.  The BGroup community is where you will be discipled, cared for, make lifelong friends, and fulfill the great commission of making other disciples.

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In BGroups

We make new friends.

You will meet LIFE-LONG FRIENDS in a BGroup.

We keep each other accountable.

We walk out our faith together and LIVE IT authentically.

We share our stories.

We all have A STORY to tell of how Jesus has changed our lives.

We take care of each other.

We join together to CARE for each other and meet needs.

We fellowship and have fun.

We HANG OUT together for refreshing and healing.

We disciple each other.

We challenge each other to GROW IN FAITH.

We reach new believers.

BGroups make it easy to INVITE others to join the mission.

BGroup For You…

Discipleship Groups - D GROUPS.

BGroups that provide instructional teaching of the Bible.

Support Groups - S GROUPS

BGroups designed for meeting specific discipleship needs of the body:  Marital, Financial, Addiction, Young Adult, Men, Women, New Comers.

Missional Groups - M GROUPS

BGroups that provide community around outreach ministry opportunities.

BGroups Meet Anywhere Believers Want To Gather

In Homes

We are always looking for those with some good ‘ol hospitality to open their home and host a group.

On Campus

Many groups choose to meet on campus during the week.

In The Community

Groups gather to do specific mission outreach.

Locate A BGroup Community Today.

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